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Organizational change is a team effort. At IdeaLift, we help to illuminate key organizational insights, inform strategy and find pragmatic solutions to your challenges. We work with your team to reach ambitious goals by asking a lot of questions, analyzing data, and becoming part of your team.


We want to help you discover and pursue your biggest dreams and support the impact you intend to make in the world. Together, we can help you find the answers to the questions that inform decision making, develop clear paths to your vision and build sustainability in an ever-changing environment. You're in the business of making the world a better place and we want to help. 

Dream big. We'll help get you there.













“One Family first partnered with IdeaLift Group (in 2017) to develop a multi-year strategic plan
for our nonprofit organization. Åsa (Åsa and her team) quickly developed trusted relationships
with One Family staff and board members, as well as other key stakeholders. Her approach was
strategic, inclusive and respectful. She pushed us to think broadly and creatively about how our
approach and work could better address family homelessness prevention. The resulting
strategic plan has enabled us to significantly grow our reach and impact, diversify our revenue
streams, and build systems and infrastructure to support future growth.
Given the success of that project—and Åsa’s deep commitment to our organization and
mission—we engaged IdeaLift Group in a second project focused on board governance and
development. Specifically, she helped us to clarify the roles and responsibilities of board
members and develop best practices and related systems for recruiting, developing and
retaining members.

Throughout both projects, Åsa was a joy to work with and an invaluable thought partner to me
and our organization. The success we have achieved in support of our mission to prevent family
homelessness is due in large part to the consulting services provided by Åsa and IdeaLift
Group, and for that we remain truly grateful.”

Valerie Paric, Executive Director, One Family, Inc.


“I began working with Åsa immediately upon assuming my position as Executive Director of the MA Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence. Asa had already begun her work on our organizational assessment, and quickly became an indispensable partner in my own work to learn and understand my new role. She brought clarity to our needs and helped chart a path forward for our efforts to establish and grow our organization. Using her organizational assessment as a blueprint, we successfully accomplished several major milestones - applying for and receiving our 501(c)3, creating a new mission statement, and building our new board and advisory council. Asa guided us through that work with warmth and candor.”


                                 Ruth Zakarin, Executive Director, Massachusetts Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence

“Åsa's dedication and commitment to One Family's mission was evidenced through the
outstanding work she did in guiding us through both our strategic plan and board development
initiatives.  Her sage wisdom combined with her infectious enthusiasm provided us with the right
level of "push," resulting in best practices that will serve as the framework for growth in the
years to follow.”

Barbara Duncan Marchetti, President, C-suite Corp

Åsa is collaborative, thoughtful and articulate. She manages to answer difficult questions and
facilitate challenging group discussions while ensuring that the agenda moves forward in a
timely and effective way. She made everyone feel heard, understood and accepted.


                                                                                                     Nonprofit Executive, Boston


    Board Development, Trainings and

Consulting Engagements 

  • The Principles of a High-Performing Board: What the Best Boards Do Well


  • Board Leadership and Engagement:

Role and responsibilities of board members

Fundamentals for success

Board committees

Effective board meetings

Roles & Responsibilities of Boards


  • Building a Culture of Philanthropy:

- Fundamentals of fundraising (sources, stages, plan and process)

- Board’s role & participation in fundraising

- Preparing and practicing the elevator speech

- Activities and tools


  • Strategic Board Recruitment and Development 

- Board’s role in building the Board

- Gap analysis and board recruitment matrix

- Diversity & inclusion  

- The Board Cycle: Cultivation, recruitment, nomination process

- Board orientation and ongoing education

- Board evaluation


  • The Board & Executive Director Partnership - How to Share Leadership 

- Roles and responsibilities

- Board chair and CEO relationship

- Setting goals, monitoring & assessments (dashboards)

- Support & performance review of the Executive Director

- Succession planning (staff & board)

  • Developing Board Committees & Effective Board Meetings

  • Succession Planning (staff & board): Being Prepared for Change and Future Success

  • Mission, Vision and Core Values : Developing clarity of vision and Impact


  • Setting Goals, Monitoring & Assessments (Dashboards)


  • Support & Performance Review of the Executive Director


  • The Role of the Board Chair (including coaching)


  • The Governance Project - Updating and Creating all Necessary board documents: By-Laws, Policies and Board Director Manual


  • Strategic Planning Process: An Overview for the Board of Directors 


  • Coaching, mentoring and advising individual board members and nonprofit executives 


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