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“If you don’t like the world the way it is, you change it. You just do it, one step at a time."     

                              Marian Wright Edelman

Areas of focus


We carefully construct the right team to work with you and customize our services to your specific needs,  IdeaLift Group offer a wide range of services to illuminate organizational positioning, inform strategy, solve problems, develop capable leaders and create a culture that fuels success. 

If you're unsure of what you need or have something specific in mind, we're happy to tailor an engagement to meet your unique needs. Please contact us at

Strategic Planning

& Implementation

Use vision, environmental and stakeholder assessments 

together with data to inform 

smart decision-making. 

Realign strategic goals with mission to measure and maximize impact.

Fund Development

Build a culture of philanthropy 

in your organization. Develop a diversified fundraising plan for long-term sustainability. Bring 

mission, values and impact into the spotlight. Tell 

compelling stories that incite

interest, action and loyalty from donors.

Leadership Development& Succession Planning

Create  the conditions in which talent can flourish. Build a culture of diversity and inclusion that fuels success.  Develop a talent strategy based on clear recruitment processes,leadership coaching, performance management 

and succession planning

Organizational Development

Build capacity to propel to new levels of effectiveness and 

efficiency while managing 

change. Scale impact, innovate 

and launch new programs or 

explore collaboration and

merger opportunities.

Governance & Board Development 

Develop a high-performing board with effective 

governance practices. Build

a Board - CEO partnership based on clarity and trust. 

Recruit and prepare new board members for success.

Innovation, Bootcamps, 

Trainings & Retreats

Nurture creativity to uncover and build new innovations.

Integrate mindfulness practices, emotional intelligence trainings and peer learning into your work. Build a network of mutual support with other leaders 

in the nonprofit sector.

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