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The challenges in the 21st Century, living and working in a constantly changing, complex and  uncertain environment, require leaders and teams to develop new skills to build agile and adaptive mindsets, manage stress and increase resilience. We help you to navigate today's uncertainty and stress and create an organizational culture that fosters trust, inclusion and compassion leading to increased team performance and employee well-being. 

Using the most current scientific and evidence-based practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience, we offer transformational and innovative programs to help leaders and organizations develop the capacity to effectively adapt to change, boost creative problem-solving, increase employee engagement, and thrive.

We also lead consulting projects with nonprofit organizations and small businesses to help illuminate mission-critical positioning, drive strategic planning and promote effective board development to support leaders in building sustainable organizations and creating cultures that fuel success.

What We Do

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence

Skill-building for Leaders and Teams

Using mindfulness and neuroscience as the foundation we help individuals to develop the core emotional intelligence skills to increase clarity, resilience and compassion which foster a growth mindset. 

We equip leaders and teams with actionable tools and practices to manage stress, develop agility, and build the mindsets and behaviors that lead to effective collaboration in teams and optimal organizational performance.

We offer interactive training programs, coaching and customized workshops to support organizations in developing psychological safety, trust and belonging so that everyone can bring their whole self to work and organizations can flourish.

We also provide in-house and virtual mindfulness programs with weekly meditation sessions for employees to integrate secular, mindful business practices at the work place leading to reduced stress and increased wellbeing. 

We help you develop emotionally intelligent workplaces with engaged and happy employees resulting in sustainable success

People Clapping

Developed and tested at Google, the Search Inside Yourself (SIY)  program teaches practical mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills that lead to sustained peak performance, resilience, healthy collaboration and effective leadership. SIY takes an evidence-based approach combining neuroscience, attention-training and emotional intelligence and is focused on developing mental habits that lead to increased clarity,  self-awareness, emotional regulation, motivation, and empathy.

The highly experiential format of the program teaches skills for focused attention, stress management, mindful communication and compassionate leadership that can be applied immediately at work and in life.

We help you unlock the full potential of leaders and teams for resilient flourishing at work, at home, and in community  

Organizational change is a team effort. We help to illuminate key organizational insights, inform strategy and find pragmatic solutions to your challenges. 

We work with your team to reach ambitious goals by asking a lot of questions, analyzing data, and becoming part of your team.


We want to help you discover and pursue your biggest dreams and support the impact you intend to make in the world. We help you build a high-performing and inclusive board. We guide you through the strategic planning process and help you develop goals and metrics.

Together, we can help you find the answers to the questions that inform decision making, develop clear paths to your vision and build sustainability in an ever-changing environment. You're in the business of making the world a better place and we want to help. 

Dream big. We'll help get you there.



All of IdeaLift's programs are customized and designed to meet your organization's needs, whichever focus area is involved. We will help you get your big ideas off the ground, whether you need organizational consulting, leadership and board trainings, workshops, or facilitated retreats.

Who We Are

Åsa Fanelli is the Founder & Chief Strategist of IdeaLift Group. Her passion is supporting the growth of more effective, compassionate leaders and collaborative and engaged teams to increase overall performance and wellbeing in life and at work.

Åsa has over 25 years of leadership experience in the global corporate and nonprofit sectors, having led diverse teams in 35 countries across 5 continents, in highly competitive and complex work environments.

Throughout her career she served in several roles including business development, strategy, sales, business operations, customer service, brand management, talent management and companywide leadership development programs. Through her direct experience, she understands the challenges that organizations, leaders, teams and board members face in turbulent, uncertain and challenging times.

Using evidence-based practices of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience, Åsa offers transformational and innovative trainings, keynotes and consulting engagements to help leaders and organizations develop the capacity to effectively adapt to change, deal more skillfully with difficult emotions, boost creative problem solving and improve communication and employee engagement. She is a Certified Teacher for Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, a Journey Meditation Teacher and has a BoardSource Certificate in Board Governance and Nonprofit Consulting.

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